UNI (abréviation)

Unidirectional Rotation
Unilateral Nephrectomy
Unilateral OT Section
United Nurses International
University Of Northern Iowa

User-To-Network Interface


Unilaterally Nephrectomized

CERVUS UNICOLOR : Health Status Was Conducted On Sympatric Populations Of Sambar Deer

UNICE : Union Industrielle De Comite Europeenne/Union Of Industries Of The European Community
UNICEF : United Nations Children’s Fund

UNICRI : United Nations Inter-Regional Crime And Justice Research Institute


Unidentified Antioxidant Components
Unidentified Antioxidants
Unidentified Component Of TRAP

UNIDCP : United Nations International Drug Control Programme
UNIDIR : United Nations Institute For Disarmament Research
UNIDO : United Nations Industrial Development Organisation



UNILATERAL CHOICE : On Sociometric Data, Friendship Dyads Were Identified As Reciprocated Or Nonreciprocated
UNILY : Unilaterally

UNIMD : Unimpressed
UNIMV : Unimpressive

UNIPRO : Italian Association For Inventory Of Cosmetic Product Ingredients

UNIR : Ulnar Nerve Innervation Ratio
UNIS : Urological Nurshing Information System

UNIT {cf. la fiche dédiée)

UNITAR : United Nations Institute For Training And Research
UNITE : University Network For Intra-European Technology Exchange


Current Screening Data, Paradox Between Cancer Incidence And Lethality, And Conflict Between Aggressive
Intake Data Were Assessed From A Study Conducted In Utah
Such As The Physicians’ Desk Reference And The American Hospital Formulary Service
Using Statewide Data Collected In Rhode Island

UNITY, SMS : Supporting Movements Of Patient Identification Data Between The Existing Clinical Management System

UNIV : University
UNIVARIATE ANALYSIS : Survival Data Using The Proportional Hazards Model

UNIX : Computer Operating System

Domaines : Abréviations, génétique, urologie

Les fiches-clées :

Abréviations (inventaire)

ANA (abréviation) – ANALYSIS (abréviation)

CER (abréviation) – CERVUS (abréviation)
CHO (abréviation) – CHOICE (abréviation)

La génétique – (Rubrique)
Génétique (adjectif) : Glossaire génétique (rubrique)
Génome – (Rubrique)
Gène – (Rubrique) – Les gènes – (Inventaire)

O (abréviation)
OT (abréviation)

SMS (abréviation)

TRA (abréviation) – TRAP (abréviation)


UN (abréviation) – UNA (abréviation) – UNB (abréviation) – UNC (abréviation) – UND (abréviation) – UNE (abréviation) – UNF (abréviation) – UNG (abréviation) – UNH (abréviation)

Uni- (préfixe)

UNIT (abréviation)

UNK (abréviation) – UNL (abréviation)

Urologie (appareil urinaire) – (Rubrique)
Urologique (adjectif) : Glossaire urologique (rubrique)

Chercheurs/Spécialistes :

Urologue – (Rubrique) – (Inventaire)

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