MASS syndrome

Forme clinique particulière du syndrome de Marfan qui comprend, en plus de la dolichosténomélie, l’association suivante : prolapsus de la valve mitrale, dilatation de l’arc aortique, déformation des os des membres, bandes d’atrophie cutanée (glesly et pyeritz, 1989).

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Anglais : Mitral valve, aorta, skelett and skin
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Domaines : Syndromes

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Bandes d’atrophie cutanée

Déformation des os des membres
Dilatation de l’arc aortique

MASS (abréviation)
Prolapsus de la valve mitrale

Syndrome de Marfan (dolichosténomélie, arachnodactylie, dystrophia mesodermalis congenita)
Les syndromes – (Inventaire)

Chercheurs, spécialistes, enseignants, vulgarisateurs :

… Glesly (… – 1989) – (Rubrique) : …
… Marfan (… – 1896) – (Rubrique) : Syndrome de Marfan (dolichosténomélie, arachnodactylie, dystrophia mesodermalis congenita)
… Pyeritz (… – 1989) – (Rubrique) : …

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MAS (abréviation)

Macrophage Activation Syndrome
Magic Angle Spinning
Maison d’accueil spécialisée
Malabsorption Syndrome
Malassimilationssyndrome (german)
Management Appraisal Survey
Mandibular Advancement Splint
Manifest Anxiety Scale
Marker-Assisted Selection
Maximal Aerobic Speed
Maximum Average Score

McCune Albright Syndrome
Mccune-Albright Syndrome

Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
Medical Administrative Service
Medical Advisory Service
Medical Audit Study
Meiosis-Activating Sterols
Mekoniumaspirationssyndrom (allemagne)
Mesoatrial Shunt
Metabolic Activation System

Milk-Alkali Syndrome
Milli Ampere Second
Minimal Access Surgery (royaume-uni)
Minor Axis Shortening

Mobile Arm Support
Modified Ashworth Scale
Modis airborne simulator
Monoclonal Anti Bodies
Morgagni Adams Stokes
Motion Analysis System
Motivation Assessment Scale
Motor Assessment Scale
Multicentre Allergy Study
Mycobacterium Avium Sensitin
Mycocerosic Acid Synthase
Mycoplasma Arthritidis
Mycoplasma Arthritidis-Derived Superantigen

MAs : Mexican Americans

MAS-DH : Manduca Sexta Diuretic Hormone


Medical Association of South Africa
Medical Association of the State of Alabama
Mental Retardation Aphasia Shuffling Gait Adducted Thumbs
Mental Retardation-Aphasia-Shuffling gait-adducted thumbs syndrome

Microsatellite Associated Sequence Amplification
Multi-Allele Specific Amplification
Mutant Allele Specific Amplification
Mycobacterium Avium Subsp Avium

MASA (Syndrome) : Mental retardation, Aphasia, Shuffling gait and Adducted thumbs


Marker Association Segregation Chi-Square
Medical Academic Staff Committee (royaume-uni)
Medical Advisors Support Centre (royaume-uni)
Membrane and Short-Circuit
Modified Annular Shear Cell
Molecule Altering Structural Chemistry
Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children
Murine Ortholog of ASC
Myotube-Associated Specificity Component

MASCA : Mastectomy Scar
MASCC : Multinational Association For Supportive Care In Cancer
MASCS : Mayo Scissors
MASD : Moisture-Associated Skin Damage


Mean Average Squared Error
Microwave-Assisted Solvent Extraction
Mitral Annulus Systolic Excursion

MASEC : Mastoidectomy


Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Molecular Amplication By Stimulated Emission Of Radiation

MASF : Melcher Acid-Soluble Fraction


Mammalian Achaete-Scute Homolog
Mobile Advance Surgical Hospital
Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
Monoclonal Antibody Solution Hybridization
Multiple Automated Sample Harvester
Mutual Aid Self-Help

MASH-1 : Mammalian Achaete Scute Homolog-1
MASHREQ : Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria


Maxillary Sinus
Medical Advocacy Services, Inc
Melasma Area and Severity Index


Medical Anatomy Segmentation Kit
Modified Atmosphere Stun-Kill

MASL : Metres Above Sea-Level


Men Who have Affective and Sexual Relations with Men
Mouse Aortic Smooth Muscle
Multiple Agminate Spitz Naevi


Mannose-Binding Lectin-Associated Serine Protease
Marker-Assisted Selection Protocol
Maximal Anal Squeeze Pressure
Microaerophilus Stationary Phase
Mixed Agglutination on Solid Phase
Movement-Accompanying Slow Potentials

MASP-1 : MBL-Associated Serine Protease-1
MASP-2 : MBL-Associated Serine Protease


Modified Antenatal Screening Questionnaire
Mood and Anxiety Symptom Questionnaire
Multiple Ability Selfreport Questionnaire

MASR : Medial Antebrachial Sensory Response


Antibody Staining And Alcian Blue Staining

Magic Angle Sample Spinning
Massage Treatment

Medicine-Angioplasty-Surgery Study
Modified Active Surveillance System
Modular Aerial Spray System
Montgomery-Asberg Schizophrenia Scale
Multiple Antibiotic Sensitivity Syndrome
Mural Annulus Shortening Suture

MASS (Syndrome)

Maladie de Marfan
Mitral valve, Aorta, Skeleton, and Skin (a heritable disorder of connective tissue)

Mass : Masse (unité)
MASS syndrome : MASS syndrome, Marfan

Masso : Massage (médecine clinique)


Managing Anti-Coagulation Services Trial
Marine Science and Technology (specific research and technological development programme)
Mastocytosis (Mast)
Maximum Agreement Subtree Problem

Medical Antishock Trousers
Melbourne Acuity Screening Test
Melbourne Assessment of Schizotypy in Kids
Mental Arithmetic Stress Tasks

Michigan Alcohol Screening Test
Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test, Scored Both With Weighted
Michigan Alcoholism Sreen Test
Military anti-shock trousers
Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic
Minimal Access Surgical Training

Monosyllabic Adaptive Speech Test
Monterey Area Ship Experiment
Motion Artifact Suppression Technique
Motor Accuracy and Speed Test

Multi-Attitude Suicide Tendency Scale
Multicenter Acute Stroke Trial
Multidisciplinary Airway Stent Team
Multiple Allergosorbent Test System
Multiple-Antigen Simultaneous Test

MAST DIAGNOSTICA : Yeasts And Fungi From Diagnostic Material Were Conserved With The Deep Freeze System MICROBANK-TM
MAST-A : Multi-Attitude Suicide Tendency Scale for Adolescents
MAST-E : Multicentre Acute Stroke Trial Europe
MAST-G : Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test-Geriatric Version
MAST-I : Multicenter Acute Stroke Trial-Italy


(racine) Gros
(racine) Sein

Domaines : Abréviations, cancer, hormone, macrophage, médecine clinique, muscle, seins, syndromes

Les fiches-clées :

Abréviations (inventaire)russes (inventaire)

ASC (abréviation)

Cancer – (Rubrique) – Les cancers – (Inventaire)
Cancéreux (adjectif)(individu) – Cancérogène (adjectif)
Cancérologie – (Rubrique)
Cancérologique (adjectif)Glossaire cancérologique (rubrique)


Hormone – (Rubrique)
Les hormones – (Inventaire)
Hormonal (adjectif)Glossaire hormonal (inventaire)


MA (abréviation)

MAC (abréviation)

MAF (abréviation)
Maison d’accueil spécialisée (MAS)

MAL (abréviation)

Maladie – Maladie …, de Marfan
Maladies (nosographie – inventaire)

MAM (abréviation) – MAN (abréviation)

MASS syndrome
Masse – (Rubrique)

Médecine – (Rubrique/Inventaire), clinique – (Rubrique)
Médical (adjectif) : Glossaire médical (rubrique)

MIC – MICROBANK-TM (abréviation)

MNS (abréviation) – MS (abréviation) – MTS (abréviation)

Muscle – (Rubrique)
Les muscles – (Inventaire)
Musculaire (adjectif) : Glossaire myologique (rubrique)


S (abréviation)
Sein – (Rubrique)
Les seins – (Région, rubrique)
|Mammaire (adjectif)

Les syndromes – (Inventaire)

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