GES (abréviation)

Gastric Emptying Study
Gastroesophageal Sphincter

Global Enterprise Services
Glucose Electrolyte Solution
Group E Streptococcus

GESA : Guided Evolutionary Simulated Annealing
GESEPI : Gradient-Echo Slice Excitation Profile
GESICA : Argentinian Study Group for Prevention of Cardiac Insufficiency
GESP : Gastroesophageal Sphincter Pressure
GESS : Gas Exchange Simulation System


Grants for Education Support and Training (royaume-uni)

Gest : (racine) Porter
GESTATIONAL AGE : We Transformed The Data To Menstrual Age
GESTEC : Genome Science and Technology Center
GESTL : Gestational
GESV : Gastroenterology Service
GESW : Generalized Epilepsy with Spike-Wave Paroxysms

Domaines : Gastroentérologie, sphincters,

Cf. les fiches-clées :

GAS (abréviation)
Gastro-entérologie – (Rubrique)

GEJ (abréviation) – GEN (abréviation) – GEU (abréviation)

Sphincter – (Inventaire)

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