REG (abréviation)

Radiation Exposure Guide
Radioencephalogram, Radioencephalography
Rapid Exchange Grip
Rapid Expansion Group


Regression Method
Regression Model
Regression Of LVH

Regular Food
Regular Insulin
Regular Rod Arrangement

Réticulum endoplasmique granuleux
Rheoencephalographic Investigations


Regenerating Gene Protein
Registrar (royaume-uni)
Regenerating Gene

ABEP REGIMEN : N4-Behenoyl-1-Beta-D-Arabinofuranosylcytosine , Aclacinomycin , Etoposide And Prednisolone
CAS-REGN : Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number
DCMP-85 REGIMEN : Designed A Short Term Intensive Chemotherapy
LEAST-SQUARES-REGRESSION TECHNIQUE : Pediatric Il-2 Kinetics Resembled Data Reported For Adults, Fitting A Two-Compartment Model
META REGRESSION : Methods To Deal With Heterogeneity Are Presented: Ignoring , Modelling And Exploring
PERIAORTIC REGION : Detected In Subcutaneous Brown Fat In Young Rats , Whereas In The Deep Brown Fat


Rega And A Mutant Variant
Regularly In Swiss Air Rescue
Regulator With Camp Phosphodiesterase Activity

REGAD : Regarded
REGAG : Regarding
REGAL : Regardless
REGalpha : Regulator Alpha-Subunit


Regressive Logistic Model, V4.0
Rigid Esophagogastroduodenoscopy


125I]Rat Epidermal Growth Factor

Receptors Of The Epidermal Growth Factor
Recombinant EGF
Recombinant Epidermal Growth Factor
Recombinant Human EGF


European Parliamentary Committee On Regional Policy
Recombinant EGI

REGIS : Community Initiative Concerning The Most Remote Regions


REG-Related Gene
REG-Related Sequence

REGN : Relative Estimated Glomeruli Number


Relative Elemental Growth Rate

Regr :

REGRA : Retinography
REGRESS : Regression Growth Evaluation Statin Study

REGS : Regr Gene An Additional Gene

REGUD : Regurgitated
REGUG : Regurgitating
REGUJ : Regurgitation
REGUT : Regurgitant

REGW : Ryan-Einot-Gabriel-Welsch
REGY : Regularly

SCATTERING REGION : Data Are Analyzed In Three Main Spectral Regions: The Region Above 290 Nm
STAGGERED REGENERATION : Protracted Period Of Axonal Outgrowth That Adds Substantially To The Delay In Axonal Regeneration

Domaines : Abréviations, chimiothérapie, génétique, gènes, protéines

Cf. les fiches-clées :

(abréviation) – (chiffre, nombres)
1-Beta (abréviation)

100 (abréviation) – 100 (nombre)
125I]Rat (abréviation)

ABE (abréviation) – ABEP (abréviation)
Abréviations (inventaire)

CAS (abréviation) – CAS-REGN (abréviation)
Chimiothérapie – (Rubrique)

D-Arabinofuranosylcytosine (abréviation)
DCM (abréviation) – DCMP-85 (abréviation)

EGF (abréviation) – EGI (abréviation)

La génétique
 – (Rubrique) – Gène – (Rubrique) – Les gènes – (Inventaire) – Génome – (Rubrique) – Glossaire génétique (rubrique)

LEA (abréviation) – LEAST-SQUARES-REGRESSION (abréviation)
LVH (abréviation)

META (abréviation)

N4-Behenoyl (abréviation)
NM (abréviation) – Nm (abréviation)

PER (abréviation) – PERIAORTIC (abréviation)
 – (Rubrique) – (Inventaire)

RAT (abréviation) – Rat-EGF (abréviation)

RE (abréviation)

Réticulum – (Inventaire), endoplasmique granuleux (REG)

SCA (abréviation) – SCATTERING (abréviation)
STA (abréviation) – STAGGERED (abréviation)

Chercheurs/Spécialistes :

… Einot (…) – (Rubrique) – … Gabriel (…) – (Rubrique) – … Ryan (…) – (Rubrique) – … Welsch (…) – (Rubrique)

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CopyLess 2 – Le Lavoisier-Unbound – mediLexicon –

CAS (abréviation)

Calcarine Sulcus
Calcific Aortic Stenosis
Canadian Anaesthesiologists Society

Cardiac Adjustment Scale
Cardiac Surgery

Carotid Angioplasty And Stent Placement
Carotid Artery Stenosis
Carotid Artery Stenting
Carotid Artery System

Celite-Activated Normal Serum
Cerebral Arteriosclerosis
Cerebral Atherosclerosis
Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS number, CAS registry number, société américaine de chimie)
Chinese Academy of Sciences (chine)
Chrome Azurol S
Chronic Anovulation Syndrome
Civil Air Surgeon
Cladiella Australis
Cold Agglutinin Syndrome
Colored Analogue Scale
Commission on Atmospheric Sciences (WMO)
Communication Awareness Scale
Computer-Aided Surgery
Congenital Alcoholic Syndrome
Congenital Asplenia Syndrome
Control Adjustment Strap
Coronary Artery Spasm
Coronary Atherosclerosis
Critical Appraisal Skills


Cancer Attitude Survey
Carbohydrate-Active Steroid
Center for Alcohol Studies

Cas : Chromosome Aberration Simulator
cas : Castrated,Castration

CAS number : Chemical Abstracts
CAS registry number : Chemical Abstracts

CAS-REGN : Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number


A Computerized Semen Analyzer
Assays–Computer-Assisted Semen Analysis
CA125 Assay, And Another Assay For MUC1
Cancer Associated Serum Antigen
CD8+ Anti-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Suppressor Activity
Chronic Adhesive Spinal Arachnoiditis
Clinic Assessment and Software Application
Clinical Assessment Software Application
Community Alternative Systems Agency

Computer Assisted Semen Analysis
Computer Assisted Semen Analyzer
Computer Assisted Sperm Motility Analysis
Computer Automated Sperm Analysis

Computer-Aided Semen Analyser
Computer-Aided Semen Analysis
Computer-Aided Sperm Analyser
Computer-Aided Sperm Analysis
Computer-Aided Sperm Analysis System
Computer-Aided Sperm Motion Analysis
Computer-Assisted Image Analysis
Computer-Assisted Image Analysis Of Motility And Morphology
Computer-Assisted Motion Analyses
Computer-Assisted Self Assessment
Computer-Assisted Spectral Analysis
Computer-Assisted Sperm Analyser
Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis
Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis System
Computer-Assisted Sperm Motion Analysis
Computer-Assisted Sperm Motion Analyzer
Computer-Assisted System Analysis

Computerized Assisted Semen Analysis
Computerized Semen Analysis
Computerized Sperm Motion Analysis

Concentration Sufficiently High For Computer Motion Analysis
Court-Appointed Special Advocates
Percentage Sperm Static

CASAD : CAS Agar Diffusion
CASANOVA : Carotid Artery Stenosis with Asymptomatic Narrowing Operation versus Aspirin
CASB : Beta-Casein (Beta CAS)-Encoding Gene


Acid-Activated Acidified Sodium Chlorite
Citric Acid–Trisodium Citrate
Comprehensive Assessment Of Satisfaction With Care
Coronary Angioscopy

CASCA : Canadian Astronomical Society: Societe Canadienne d’Astronomie (canada)


Computer Aided Socket Design
Computer-Aided Socket Design Procedure


7-Hydroxy-Coumarin-3-Acetic Acid N-Hydroxysucciniimydyl Ester
Children’s Arthritis Self-Efficacy Scale
Chronic Arsenic-Exposed
Chronic Arsenite-Exposed
Classified As Atopic Eczema
Clinical Anesthesia System Of Evaluation
Cognitive Adaptation To Stressful Events Scale
Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering
Community Advisor Self-Efficacy
Comprehensive Anesthesia Simulation Environment

Computer Aided Software Engineering
Computer Automated Structure Evaluation

Computer-Aided Systems Engineering
Computer-Assisted Sensory Examination
Computer-Assisted Spectral Electroretinography
Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation

Coumarin-3-Acetic Acid-N-OH-Succinimidyl Ester

CASE 2 : Aged 29


Canadian activase for stroke effectiveness study
Cooperative Atmosphere Surface Exchange Study


Calcium Stone Formers
Conjunctival Allergenicity-Supporting Factor
Continuous Alternating Sequential Filter

CASG : Canadian Apheresis Study Group


Cancer And Steroid Hormone
Cancer And Steroid Hormone Study
Cardiac arrest study-Hamburg
Caspase Homologue

Chromosomal Assignment Using Somatic Cell Hybrids
Classic Abdominal Semm Hysterectomy
Classical Abdominal Semm Hysterectomy

Commission for Adminstrative Services in Hospitals
Comprehensive Assessment Of Symptoms And History
Cortical Adrenal Androgen Stimulating Hormone
Cortical Androgen Stimulating Hormone
Corticoadrenal Stimulating Hormone
Cruciform Anterior Spinal Hyperextension


Coronary Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
Coronary Atherosclerotic Heart Disease

CASHE : Carotid Sheath


Calcium Silicates
Cardiac Silhouette

Chicago Asthma Surveillance Initiative
Childhood Anxiety Sensitivity Index
Children’s Attributional Style Interview
Chronic Arthritis Systemic Index

Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument
Cognitive Assessment Screening Instrument
Compact Airborne Spectrography Imager
Comprehensive Adolescent Severity Inventory

Domaines : Abréviations, calcium, cancers, castration, cellules, cœur, maladies

Les fiches-clées :

Artère – (Rubrique)
Les artères – (Rubrique/Inventaire)
Artériel (adjectif)

Calcium – (Rubrique)
Calcique (adjectif)

Cancer – (Rubrique)
Les cancers – (Inventaire)
Cancéreux (adjectif) – La personne cancéreuse
Cancérogène (adjectif)
Cancérologie – (Rubrique)
Cancérologique (adjectif)Glossaire cancérologique (rubrique)

CAS number

Cellule – (Rubrique)
Les cellules (du corps humain) – (Inventaire)
|Cellulaire (adjectif)
|Cytologique (adjectif) : Glossaire cytologique (rubrique)

Cœur – (Rubrique/Inventaire) : Société américaine de chimie (Chemical Abstracts Service)
Cœur droit– (Rubrique), gauche – (Rubrique)
|Cardiaque (adjectif)

Maladie …, du cœur
Maladies (nosographie – inventaire), du cœur / cardiaques – (Inventaire)

MUC (abréviation) – MUC1 (abréviation)

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