ICT (abréviation)

Icteric, Icterus
Immunochromatographic Test
Impression Cytology With Transfer

Indirect Coombs Test
Infection Control Team
Inflamación del Tejido Conectivo (espagne)
Inflammation of Connective Tissue
Information And Communication Technology
Initial Collecting Tubule
Insulin Coma Therapy (cure de sakel – choc insulinique)
Intensified Conventional Treatment
Intensive Conventional Therapy
Intensivierte Konventionelle (Insulin-) Therapie (allemagne)
Intermittent Cervical Traction
Interstitial Cell Tumor
Intracardiac Thrombus
Intracoronary Thrombolysis
Intracranial Tumor
Intramolecular Charge Transfer

Ion Channel Therapy
Iron Chelation Therapy
Ischémie Cérébrale Transitoire

Isometric Contraction Time
Isovolumetric Contraction Time
Isovolumic Contraction Time

Ict : Icterus


Immunoreactive Calcitonin
Immunoreactive CT
Immunoreactive Forms Of The Hormone

ict. ind. : Icterus Index
ICT-Sat : Iron Chelation Therapy assessment of Satisfaction


Auxological Data
Instituto de Ciencia y Technologia Agricloas (guatemala)


Immunocytochemical Typing of Cytokeratins
Inverse Value of Clearance Time Constant


Incomplete Connective Tissue Disease
Intercostal Chest Tube Drainage

ICTDR : International Centers for Tropical Disease Research (états-unis)
Ictéro : (racine) Jaunisse


Imaging Channel Transfer Function
International Commission on the Taxonomy of Fungi

ICTG : Integral Cardiotopography
ICTH : International Committee on Thrombosis and Haemostasis
ICTI : Intraductal Capillary Tube Implantation


Idiopathic CD4+ T Lymphocytopenia
Inner Connective Tissue Layer
Intracoronary Thrombolysis

ICTM : Iterative Constrained Tikhonov-Miller
ICTMM : International Congress on Tropical Medicine and Malaria

ICTN : Integrated CT Number Of The Whole Liver
ICTO : Isomeric Cis and Trans Octadecenoic Fatty Acids


I C-Terminal Peptide
I Collagen C-Telopeptide
Indicating Bone Loss
International Center for Theoretical Physics


Informed Consent Treatment Report
Integrated Chorda Tympani Responses


Idiopathic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Incremental Conduction Times
Infection Control Technicians
Information and Communication Technologies
Interactive Classroom Television System
Interstitial Cell Tumors

ICTSAT : Iron Chelation Therapy assessment of Satisfaction (ICT-Sat)
ICTV : International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses


Intermittent Cervical Traction
Irradiated Crotoxin

ICTY : International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

Domaines : Abréviations, acides, agriculture, cellules, foie, graisses, hormones, jaunisse, maladies, syndromes, tumeurs

Cf. les fiches-clées :

Abréviations (inventaire)russes (inventaire)

Acide (adjectif) – (molécule) – Les acides – (Inventaire)
Acidifiant – Acidification – Acidité

C-Telopeptide (abréviation)
C-Terminal (abréviation)


Cellule – (Rubrique)
Les cellules (du corps humain) – (Inventaire)
Cellulaire (adjectif) – Glossaire cytologique (rubrique)

Cure de Sakel (choc insulinique – ICT)

Foie – (Rubrique) – Glossaire hépatique (rubrique)

Graisse – Les graisses, substances graisseuses (inventaire)

Hormone – (Rubrique) – (Inventaire)
Hormonal (adjectif)

IAT (abréviation)

IC (abréviation) – ICC (abréviation) – ICD (abréviation) – ICF (abréviation) – ICH (abréviation) – ICS (abréviation)

INT (abréviation) – IXT (abréviation)


 – (Inventaire) – Nosographie (inventaire des maladies)

SAT Sat 
 – (Inventaire)

Tumeur – (Rubrique)Les tumeurs – (Inventaire)

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(Oseco) Instituto de Ciencia y Technologia Agricloas (guatemala)

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