WAS (abréviation)

War And Sanctions
Ward Atmosphere Scale
Ward Atmosphere Scale-Form R
Waste Activated Sludge
Water-Avoidance Stress

Web Application Server
Weekly Activities Summary
Weighted Averages Of SLEDAI
Weisses Alpenschaf

Wheat ABA-Induced Secretory
White Alpine Sheep
Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome
Wiskott-Aldrich Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome

Work Assessment Scale
Workload Analysis Scale
World Association Of Sexology


WASA : Warm Saline
WASAC : Was Sacrificed
WASAMA : Women’s Auxiliary To The Student American Medical Association
WASAT : Was Satisfactory
WASAV : Was Saved


Welding Aerosol Solid Component
With A Scalpel

WASCH : Was Scheduled
WASCO : Was Scored
WASCR : Was Scrubbed

WASE : Was Sent

WASEA : Waterseal
WASEC : Was Secured
WASED : Was Sedated
WASEE : Was Seen
WASEH : Water, Sanitation, And Education For Health
WASEL : Was Selected
WASEP : Was Separated
WASEW : Was Sewn




West African Shorthorn
Western Australian School Health

WASH-U-KSADS : Washington University Kiddie Schedule For Affective Disorders And Schizophrenia
WASHA : Was Shaved
WASHD : Washed
WASHE  : Watershed
WASHG : Washing
WASHGS :Washings
WASHR : Washer

WASI : Wechsler Abbreviated Scales Of Intelligence
WASID : Warfarin-Asprin Symptomatic Intracranial Disease Study
WASIG :Was Signed

WASK : Was Skeletonized
WASMO : Was Smooth


Wake After Sleep Onset
Wake Time After Sleep Onset
Wakefulness After Sleep Onset
Was Soft

WASOG : World Association For Sarcoidosis And Other Granulomatous Disorders
WASOU : Was Sounded


WAS Protein
Was Spent
Wasp Venom-Albumin Polymer
Weber Advanced Spatial Perception
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
Wiscott Aldrich Syndrome Protein
Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein Gene
Workplace Analysis Scheme For Proficiency
World Association For Social Psychiatry
World Association Of Societies Of Pathology

WASPL : Was Split
WASQ : Westminster Substance Use Questionnaire
WASRED : Was Reduced
WASS : Wisconsin Asthma Surveillance System
WASSP : Wright & Ayre Stuttering Self-Rating Profile
WAST : Was Stable

WAST : Woman Abuse Screening Tool
WASTA : Was Started
WASTO : Was Stopped
WASTR : Was Stripped
WASTS : Watery Stools
WASTZ : Was Stabilized

WASU : Was Sutured
WASUBS : Was Subsequently
WASUC : Was Successful
WASUCT : Was Suctioned
WASUP : Was Supple

WASW : Was Switched
WASY : Was Symmetrical

Domaines : Génétique, gènes, hygiène, maladies, protéines, santé, sexologie, sommeil, syndromes, troubles

Cf. les fiches-clées :

ABA (abréviation)

Eau – (Rubrique) – (Inventaire)

Génétique – (Rubrique) – Gène – (Inventaire)

Hygiène – (Rubrique)

KSA (abréviation) – KSADS (abréviation)

 – (Nosographie, inventaire des maladies)

 – (Rubrique) – (Inventaire)


Santé – (Rubrique)
Sexologie – (Rubrique)
SLE (abréviation) – SLEDAI (abréviation)
Sommeil – (Rubrique) – (Inventaire)
 – (Inventaire)

Trouble (physique/physiologique) – (Inventaire)



(Chercheurs) Dr. Robert Anderson Aldrich (pédiatre américain) – (Rubrique)

(Osy) Schizophrénie – (Rubrique/Inventaire)Trouble – (Inventaire)

Sources :

ECOSIA – mediLexicon – Wikipedia


Publié par

V.L.C. Research

Je suis étudiant-chercheur en physiologie spatiale. J’étudie aussi l’hygiénisme, la permaculture fruitière, la cinématographie sensitive. Je m’intéresse aux domaines qui préparent et promeuvent les missions spatiales habitées de longue durée.

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