CHI (abréviation)

Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Chalcone Isomerase
Closed Head Injury
Commission for Health Improvement (royaume-uni)
Consumer Health Information
Creatinine Height Index

chi : Chimera
chi 2 : Chi Square
Chi carré [X2] : Test statistique (chi-squarred)

Chi-A : Chimpanzee Leukocyte Antigen
Chi-squarred :
Chi carré [X2] (test, méthode statistique)


Chick-Heart Invasion Assay
Chitinase A
Community Health Impact Assessment


Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal De Créteil
Coping Health Inventory for Children

CHID : Combined Health Information Database


Channel Inducing Factor
Corticosteroid Hormone-Induced Factor

CHII : Continuous High Intensity Illumination


Chikungunya Virus

CHIKV : Chikungunya Virus
CHIL : Children
CHILD : CongenitalHemidysplasia with Ichthyosiform Erythroderma and Limb Defects (syndrome)
CHILD syndrome : //


Center for Healthcare Information Managements Dictionary | Articles
Community Hospital-Based Internal Medicine Dictionary | Articles


Centre for Health Informatics in Medical Education (royaume-uni)
Coloboma,Heart Anomaly, Ichthyosis,Mental Retardation, Ear Abnormality

Chimio : (racine) Substance chimique
CHIN : Community Health Information Network


Chronic Infectious Neuropathic Agent
Chronic Infectious Neurotropic Agent

CHINESE HAMSTER : Cytogenetic Analysis Of Dede Cell Lines
CHINS : Child in Need of Service
CHINY : Closed-Head Injury


Candida Hyphal Inhibitory Product
Carboxyl Terminus of Hsc70-Interacting Protein
Cardiac Home Information Program

Channel-Forming Integral Protein
Checklist for Interpersonal Pain Behavior
Chemical Hazard Information Profile
Chemotherapeutic Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Perfusion
Chemotherapy Drug Iproplatin
Child has Cancer Using a Standardized Instrument
Child Health Improvement Program
Childrens Health Insurance Program
Childrens Hospital Insurance Program
Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
Chronic Hyperimmunocomplex Process

Community Health Improvement Partners
Community Hypertension Intervention Project
Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
Comprehensive Hospital Infections Project
Coping Health Inventory for Parents
Coping in Health and Illness Project
Coronary Health Improvement Project

Crude Hyphal Inhibitory Product

ChIP : Children’S Implant Profile
CHIP, IPROPLATIN : Diaminocyclohexane(DACH)-Pt(II) Citrate, DACH-Pt(II) Glucarate, Cis-Dichloro-Bis-(Isopropylamine)-Trans-Dihydroxyplatinum
CHIP-AE : Child Health and Illness Profile, Adolescent Edition
CHIPASAT : Children’s Paced Auditory Serial Addition Task

CHIR : Chicken Ig-Like Receptor
chir : Chirurgisch (allemagne)
CHIRAPHOS : Bis(diphenylphosphino)butane


Catalan Health Interview Survey
Child Health Information Systems
Closed Head Injuries
Compulsory Health Insurance System

CHIT : Chitinase
CHIT A : Chitinase A
CHIT B : Chitinase B
CHIT-PEG : Chitosan–Polyethyleneglycol

CHIV : Chronic Intervillositis
CHIX : Chitinase X
chix : Chickenpox

Test du Chi carré [X2] (chi-squarred)

Domaines : Cellules, chimiothérapie, enfant, infections, leucocytes, protéines, surdité, syndromes, troubles mentaux, virologie, virus

Cf. les fiches-clées :

Cellule – (Rubrique) – (Inventaire) – Cellulaire (adjectif) – Glossaire cytologique (rubrique)
Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal De Créteil (CHIC)

CHE (abréviation)
Chimiothérapie – (Rubrique)
CHL (abréviation) – CHO (abréviation) – CHR (abréviation) – CHU (abréviation)

Enfant – (Rubrique)
Infection – (Inventaire)
Leucocyte – Les différents leucocytes – (Inventaire)
Protéine – (Inventaire)

Surdité – (Rubrique)
Syndrome – (Inventaire)

Virologie – (Rubrique) – Glossaire virologique (rubrique)
Virus – (Inventaire)

(Osy) Trouble – (Inventaire), mental – (Rubrique/Inventaire)

Sources :

Le Lavoisier-Unbound – mediLexicon – Terminologie médicale ST2S (iphone)

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Je suis étudiant-chercheur en physiologie spatiale. J’étudie aussi l’hygiénisme, la permaculture fruitière, la cinématographie sensitive. Je m’intéresse aux domaines qui préparent et promeuvent les missions spatiales habitées de longue durée.

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